Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School

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Every time we update this page, specially when we REMOVE SOMEONE, it is important to verify if that person is showing in the "Meet the Teachers" in the home page.

To make the teacher's provile appear in the home page, the teacher has to:

  • Have a hidden menu option under " Our Team" in the Site Map
  • Have a page assigned to that menu option
  • Have an image in the gallery, 222 x 222 pixels, assigned to the pagelayer
  • Have the page show = yes

To remove the picture of the teacher in the home page:

  • Simply put the page show = no

Main Line: (305) 386-8446


Administrative Offices

Mrs. Rodriguez
Ext: 202
Office Manager
Mrs. Figueroa
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Ext: 203
Director of Admissions
Mrs. Tovar
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Ext: 251
Technology Coordinator
Mrs. Chang
Ext: 204
Office Assistant
Mrs. Cruz


Ms. Menendez
Teacher PK3B
Mrs. Boulos
Aide PK4A
Mrs. Jaca
Teacher KB
Ms. Soto
Aide KA
Mrs. Guzman
Aide KB
Mrs. Higueras
Aide 1A
Mrs. Puig-matas
Aide 1B
Mrs. Layman
Teacher 4A
Mrs. Houston
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Teacher 6A
Middle School LA
Mrs. Rodriguez
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Teacher 7A
Middle School Advanced Math
Mrs. Palacios
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Teacher 7B
Middle School Math
Mrs. Blandon
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Teacher 8A
Middle School SS
Mrs. SardiƱa
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Teacher 8B
Middle School Reading
Mrs. Mena
Teacher PK3A
Mrs. Santizo
Aide PK3A
Mrs. Paget
Teacher PK4A
Mrs. Vorbe
Teacher 5B
Mrs. Santalo
Substitute Teacher
Middle School Science
Mrs. Tudela
Teacher P.E.
Mrs. Figueroa
Aide PK4B
Mrs. Hernandez
Aide PK3B

Special Area Teachers

MRs. Baez
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Teacher Art
Mrs. Balaguer-Chavez
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Mrs. Acosta
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Teacher Music PK3-8
Mr. Contreras
Teacher P.E.
Mrs. Barbeite
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Teacher Religion 5-8
Mrs. Bolivar
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Teacher Spanish


Mrs. Jarquin
Lead Housekeeper
Mrs. Martinez
Mr. Perez